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How to Unlock Your Runescape Bot Account

If you’ve tried your hand at goldfarming, you’ve probably experienced getting some of your accounts getting locked shorty after tutorial island.

Runescape Bot Account Locked - RSBotSpot

Locked Runescape Account

After seeing this, many people assume the account is banned or useless, and continue creating more accounts. But that’s not the case! This guide will cover how to get your Runescape bot account unlocked (not unbanned) and continue botting.

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All About Proxies for RuneScape Botting

Proxies are considered a must have by most gold-farmers. They allow you to mask your IP address, and split your bots over multiple networks. Using proxies is believed to reduce the risk of chainbans, and losing your entire gold-farm at once. This guide will cover everything you need to know about botting RuneScape safely with proxies.

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