How to Use TRiBot Looking Glass & Bot Through the Official Runescape Client

TRiBot’s Looking Glass feature allows you to bot through the official Runescape client by hooking onto and controlling it. Looking glass also supports proxies for botting & other clients like OSBuddy.

While there’s no evidence that TRiBot is detectable, this feature was released as a form of antiban for users worried about the potential detectability of botting clients. Botters seem to be torn 5050 about the effectiveness of Looking Glass on bans, but it never hurts to have some extra protection. This guide will cover how to use TRiBot Looking Glass to bot through the official Runescape client!

TRiBot Looking Glass Guide

1. Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

Download and install JDK here. I will be using 32 bit JDK 8u151.

Java Development Kit Download - RSBotSpot

Java Development Kit Download

At the time of writing, only Java 8 is supported.

2. Load Runescape & TRiBot

Load Runescape up to the login screen, and TRiBot up to the client select screen.

3. Start Looking Glass

On TRiBot, click the “New Client (Looking Glass)” button.

Hooking TRiBot to the Official Runescape Client
Hover to see it happen!

4.(Optional) Set a Proxy

If you’re using a proxy for runescape botting, now’s the time to apply it. To do this: right click the client’s tab on TRiBot, and select “Set Proxy”.

TRiBot Looking Glass Set Proxy - RSBotSpot

TRiBot Looking Glass Set Proxy

That’s it, you’re done!

Your TRiBot client is now hooked onto the official client, and you’re ready to start botting Runescape!

  • You can find out more about TRiBot’s Looking Glass feature on it’s release thread here
  • You can find out more about using proxies with TRiBot Looking Glass here
  • You can find more working Java/Client version combinations reported here Note: Some threads are only visible to TRiBot VIP users.

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