All About Proxies for RuneScape Botting

Proxies are considered a must have by most gold-farmers. They allow you to mask your IP address, and split your bots over multiple networks. Using proxies is believed to reduce the risk of chainbans, and losing your entire gold-farm at once. This guide will cover everything you need to know about botting RuneScape safely with proxies.

They all offer great connectivity, support, and have worked well in our botting tests.

Why do I need a proxy when botting?

Whenever you visit a website, you expose something called your IP address. An IP address is a unique number used to identify your internet connection. You can think of this like caller ID for telephones: whenever you “call” a website, they see the IP address you called from.

Common reasons to utilize proxies when botting:

  • Reduce Suspicion: Botting multiple accounts on the same IP address may look suspicious to Jagex.
  • Reduce Risk: If one of your accounts happens to get banned, the others may also be at risk, since they are botting on the same IP address.
  • Keep your IP clean: It’s good to keep your home IP clean for your main, mule, or accounts you want to play legit on.

Using a proxy when botting RuneScape helps avoid these gold-farm blunders.

So, what’s a proxy?

You can think of a proxy server as a remote computer with its own internet connection. When you use a proxy, you route your internet activity through the proxy’s connection, rather than your own. Using a proxy will hide your IP address from RuneScape, and show the proxy IP address instead.

What should I look for in a proxy?

When picking a proxy for RuneScape botting, you should make sure you’re getting a private SOCKS proxy. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’ll break it down.

  • HTTP vs SOCKS: These are the two different protocols proxies use. All you need to know is that RuneScape bots use SOCKS proxies, so that’s the type you should pick. HTTP proxies will not work with RuneScape bots.

  • Free vs Shared vs Private: If you see any free proxies, stay away! The uptime & security of these proxies is not suitable for botting. Shared proxies are okay, but you risk getting a proxy used by another botter. Private proxies are best, since you get exclusive access to the connection.

How many proxies do I need?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you! The ideal split would be 1 proxy per 1 account, but this can get costly. Most gold-farmers use 1 proxy per 2-3 accounts for a good cost/risk ratio.

Example: If I had a gold-farm of 10 accounts, I could split them over three proxies. Two proxies would have 3 accounts on each, and the third proxy would have 4 accounts on it.

Proper Proxy Usage

It’s very important that you use the same proxy from account creation to account death. This means your account must use the same proxy on registration & every time it logs in. Do anything else, and you’re not utilizing your proxy properly.

Check out our guide on Registering a RuneScape Account through a Proxy (coming soon) to learn how to do this properly. We recommend using Maxthon Browser to create your accounts through a proxy. Then, utilize a bot to use your with a proxy account in-game.

Where do I get RuneScape botting proxies?

Some of our favorite private RuneScape proxy providers are listed below. They have great connectivity, support, and have been tested successfully for botting by us! If you’re ready to get proxies and protect your bot-farm from chainbans, look no further!