Script Review: ErickHo’s Ex Tutorial Island - TRiBot

ErickHo’s Ex Tutorial Island script for Old School Runescape has been around since 2014 and been used by thousands of users. ExTutorial works with either preregistered accounts, or has an option to create them for you. It’s an excellent script to get your Runescape bot accounts through the OSRS tutorial island quickly.

Getting Ex Tutorial Island

All you need to use Ex Tutorial Island is a VIP subscription at TRiBot. After that it’s free to use for unlimited instances!

You can activate Ex Tutorial on the TRiBot repository.

How to Use Ex Tutorial Island

With Preregistered Runescape Accounts

1. Add your account to the TRiBot Account Manager

Using the TRiBot menu, navigate to View > Account Manager and add your account. Runescape TRiBot Account Manager

2. Start Ex Tutorial Island

Load a Runescape client, click ‘Start Script’, select ExTutorial from scripts, and your Runescape account in the dropdown box. Start Ex Tutorial Island Runescape

Using Ex Tutorial’s Account Creation Feature

Note: Account creation is currently down until a patch is released

In order to use account creation, you’ll first need a 2captcha account. 2captcha is a service that solves captchas for you, like the “I’m not a Robot” box on the Runescape account creation page. You can sign up for 2captcha using my affiliate link here. Luckily, it’s cheap, and costs only ~$1.30 per 1,000 captcha solves.

1. Start Ex Tutorial Island

Follow step 2 from above, but this time, don’t select an account.

2. Enter your Script Arguments

Adjust the script settings to your liking.

Example script arguments:´╗┐:1-maxAccountCreationDelay:3-twocaptchakey:12312dasdasdasdasd222

Here’s an explanation of each setting:

  • accountCreation: Leave as true
  • domainName: What email domain to use, this can be real or made up
  • password: Password to set for the Runescape account
  • accountsToMake: How many accounts to create & run through tutorial island
  • min/maxAccountCreationDelay´╗┐: mix/max minutes to wait between creating accounts
  • twocaptchakey: Your 2captcha API Key. This can be found after logging into your 2captcha account.

After you’ve edited the script arguments to your liking, paste them into the text box on the TRiBot script manager (see above image), and click ‘Start’.

Rating & Final Thoughts

4/5 Stars

Ex Tutorial Island is extremely simple to use, and does its job well! While we’ve had a great time using the account creation feature in the past, at the time of testing it was broken.

The small amount of settings makes for quick and easy usage, but we’d also love to see more customization options for those who want more control over the process.